Feature Month: Kellie

I saved my last feature of 2021 for today because, as it turns out, today’s feature is my mother and it’s her birthday. Happy birthday, mom!! XOXO Name: Kellie Heise State: New York Grow Zone: 4b Gardening style (container, raised bed, tilled plot, etc.): Containers and tilled plot How long have you been gardening: Over 30 years Why do you garden: Relaxation and good eats! … Continue reading Feature Month: Kellie

Feature Month: Ted & Pam

When Megan (of Megan & Ben) asked if I was interested in featuring her parents’/grandparents’ gardens or if the Feature was “full” my instant response was, “No such thing as full!” I am inherently a more the merrier person and I have heard so many wonderful things about these gardens throughout my friendship with Megan that I just had to see what this crew was … Continue reading Feature Month: Ted & Pam

Feature Month: Sadie

I made the mistake of pulling these boys away from an intense ballgame to come take garden pictures with their mom. I think you can probably tell how they felt about the request. Haha! They crack me up. In addition to keeping these two crazy boys out of trouble, this pretty lady maintains some beautiful gardens. Fruits, veggies, herbs, flowers — she does it all. … Continue reading Feature Month: Sadie

Feature Month: Lena

Biotech may have brought us together but gardening has been one of the passions that has kept us in touch. I absolutely love chatting about varieties, methods and pest control (sort of) with this critical thinker. Not only does she push me to consider new ideas throughout my own gardening journey but she is always putting her homegrown goodies to good use in the kitchen, … Continue reading Feature Month: Lena

Feature Month: Megan & Ben

While we will be featuring many new participants this year, we also have a few veterans coming back to share their most recent experiences with us. The first of which, are my dear friends Megan and Ben. If you followed along last year then you will definitely recognize their crew. This can-do family maintains some beautiful gardens and on top of that, Megan has started … Continue reading Feature Month: Megan & Ben

Feature Month Intro – 2021

It’s that time of year again — Feature Month!! We have some returning participants as well as some new faces for you. As always, I have completed the questionnaire alongside my fellow gardeners. This year was what my husband calls my “gap year” of gardening. We bought a new house in April and, not knowing what my gardening situation would be, I decided to rent … Continue reading Feature Month Intro – 2021