2019: Lessons Learned

As we move into the final quarter of 2019 I thought now might be a good time to discuss successes and failures. After all, both are equally important for forward progress and personal development. I find that each year of gardening presents new challenges and allows me a multitude of learning opportunities. First let’s talk about some less fortunate events… NUTRIENTS This was the first … Continue reading 2019: Lessons Learned

Save Your Seeds & Swap Them

If you’re new to the gardening game you may not know that there are groups out there that organize events known amongst the gardening community as a “Seed Swap.” These range from small affairs held locally to entire nonprofit organizations that facilitate the exchanging of seeds. One such example is the Seed Saver’s Exchange (www.seedsavers.org) which allows you to list your available seeds on their … Continue reading Save Your Seeds & Swap Them

Freeze Your Crops For Post-Garden Goodness

If you have attempted to preserve your favorite garden goodies then you know there are some that keep well and some that do not. Root vegetables and winter squash notoriously have a lengthy shelf life (for produce), but for some crops a cool dry storage area just isn’t enough. Fortunately, in 1940 the United States was introduced to home freezer units. I know what you’re … Continue reading Freeze Your Crops For Post-Garden Goodness