Millennial Gardener Feature Month – Dana

I am very happy to introduce you all to a dear friend of mine and the first guest gardener of 2019. This year is her first attempt at a small container garden and she is off to a great start. As someone who loves to make delicious meals in the kitchen, it seemed only logical that I encourage her to grow her own fresh veggies. Now that she has gotten her green thumb warmed up, it is time to hear about her experiences this season.

Name: Dana Vollmuth

State: North Carolina

Grow Zone: Grow Zone 7b

Gardening style: Container garden

How long have you been gardening: I have been gardening on and off for a year, but more seriously for about 4 months.

Why do you garden: I garden because it helps me relax and produce helps with enhancing meals for my household. I love seeing the results of taking care of something and nurturing it to fruition.

Do you typically garden alone or with friends/family/pets: I garden with friends and family. I’ll help my mother when I go to visit her and help with her tomatoes.

Biggest success of 2019 season: My success this season was growing a tomato plant to maturity and seeing the tomatoes grow bigger and develop their color and flavor. Variety – Defiant, Burpee Seed Co.

Most unfortunate failure of 2019 season: My unfortunate moment of 2019 was when I tried to grow seeds from a pepper. I tried using a bag with a paper towel and soil to start them, but nothing worked.

Favorite plant that you’ve ever grown: My favorite plant to grow was my tomato plant because it was a gift from Megan. It was cool to see that it survived the journey from Maryland to North Carolina. I was proud that she passed it on to me and I was able to grow it myself.

What are you most looking forward to growing in the future: I’m looking forward to growing tons of herbs and growing in my tilled plot at my apartment complex. I’m excited to start working in the community garden here and be a part of something great.

One last piece of advice for our readers: My main piece of advice would be to research what you want to grow. Ensuring correct conditions and meeting the needs of the plant is crucial. Reading the articles on Millennial Green Thumb has given me so much insight on how to grow and treat your plants right. Join a community or talk with friends who are knowledgeable.

Thank you for sharing, Dana! I know there are plenty of foodies out there who love to create tantalizing dishes in the kitchen and there is no better way to enhance your meals than to use fresh picked, organic ingredients. The idea of starting your own garden can be overwhelming but Dana is proof that with a little courage and a lot of patience you can start very small and ease yourself into deeper waters. Cheers, friends!

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