Millennial Gardener Feature Month – Emily

Know any brides who put a beautiful set of planters on their wedding registry? I do — this millennial green thumb, right here! Emily has wasted no time in turning the house she shares with her husband into a beautiful, thriving home. And I mean thriving! Look at how lush and healthy her plants are!! Let’s see what advice she has to share with the gardening community, shall we?

Name: Emily Heise

State: New York

Grow Zone: 4b

Gardening style: Container garden

How long have you been gardening: On a very small scale for 3 years, but this was the first year I’m seeing big (actual) results! Still consider myself BEGINNER level!

Why do you garden: I love the idea of being able to grow ingredients that I like to cook with right in my backyard! Also looking past veggies, being able to landscape our area to make it look pretty with plants and flowers.

Do you typically garden alone or with friends/family/pets: Team effort!! Husband puts containers together and reminds me to water (have realized this is important!). Mother, mother in law and Meg are always there for questions. Dogs are usually wandering around me somewhere… but usually just me playing in the dirt!

Biggest success of 2019 season: I think this would be a tie between my cherry peppers and tomatoes! I have only snagged a couple little tomatoes here and there so far but seeing how big and healthy the peppers and tomatoes are getting is making me excited for the stuffed peppers and sauce I will be making this fall! 

Most unfortunate failure of 2019 season: I don’t know if I would categorize it as a “failure” but there are a couple hurdles that I have faced and will try to improve on next year. First – I think I got a little excited and crammed a little too much in the containers – might be a little over crowded! Second – Something is eating my leaves on my rose bush and tomato plants. I’ll have to do more research for next year on how to keep those suckers away.

Favorite plant that you’ve ever grown: I haven’t done the work of actually stuffing them yet – but I think my cherry peppers are going to be my favorite for this year!

What are you most looking forward to growing in the future: I wouldn’t mind giving berries, melons and pumpkins a go!

One last piece of advice for our readers: I’d say do your research! It could save you time and money to make sure that you are doing everything correctly to ensure you are getting beautiful flowers, fruits and veggies! Also, don’t forget to water 🙂

Thank you for sharing, Emily! I made a mental note to give my peppers more space next year as well, I feel this is something that many gardeners, new and old, can relate to. It is hard to distribute appropriately when you have so many things that you want to try, but it’s important to give your plants plenty of room if you expect them to flourish. I hope you enjoyed Emily’s story as much as I have, if you have any questions you’re welcome to reach out in the comments below. Cheers, friends!

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