Work/Garden Balance: The Struggle is Real

It’s been a long week. Long days at work…stressful days. Days when I have had very little time to spend in my garden. People think that if you garden, you must be 100% committed, every single day. I assume that this is the reason, more often than not, that I get the “I just don’t have time” response. Do not be fooled, ladies and gentlemen, a lot of people garden but there is no such thing as a perfect gardener. We all have lives. Occasions that pull us away from our gardens. For a day, or maybe a week. Even farmers, whose livelihoods depend on the success of their crops, have families and obligations that prevent them from devoting 100% of their time to their plants. That does NOT mean that our green thumbs are not worth the effort. It may seem like one more item on the never ending list of responsibilities but if you give it a chance you may just find that gardening is quite the opposite…an escape, therapy, a release…your landing pad, your hideaway, your 5 minutes. Do yourself a favor and push some seeds into the soil. I think you will be surprised by how much peace those plants bring you on a day when you feel completely overwhelmed…because just like you, all they need is a deep breath and a little love.

If you have a garden that you don’t spend as much time in as you’d like, set your guilt aside. We all have days when we feel we should do work in our garden, but we don’t have the spirit for it. AND THAT’S OKAY! This does not make you a bad gardener, it makes you human. Take some time to figure out the rest of your life and just know that when the dust settles, your garden will be waiting. Always.

Cheers, friends.

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