A Green Thumb’s Wishlist

T’is the season!!! I’m sure you have a green thumb or two on that list you’ve made (and checked at least twice) that you’ll need gift ideas for. In an effort to help both my fellow shoppers and my gardening comrades, I’ve put together a list of items that are, or have been, on my wish list.

Galvanized raised bed planter – Gardner’s Edge

Raised beds/containers – Even people who have a yard big enough to accommodate a tilled plot can appreciate the addition of a raised bed or container garden. I asked for a trough style container myself. Raised beds can offer enough depth to allow for the growth of root vegetables and features like an open bottom for thorough drainage.

Square tomato cages with optional extenders that allow for taller supports when needed and fold flat for easy storage- Burpee

Bean tower – Gurney Seed Co.

Cages/Trellising – Much like containers and raised beds, there are a wealth of options for supporting your plants. Here I have included a tried and true bean tower, that can be used to trellis any variety of climbing plants, as well as top notch tomato/pepper/eggplant cages that have made a huge difference in my own garden. I will never go back to round, flimsy tomato cages.

Growoya water reservoir

Water – If your gardening friend is anything like me, they want to keep their plants well hydrated without running up their water bill. This year I have asked for Oyas; small irrigation vessels comprised of porous clay. They get buried amongst the plants and can be filled with water to allow for slow, consistent watering with minimal evaporation.

1 gallon multi-purpose sprayer with adjustable nozzles – Amazon

Pest control – I am a huge proponent of natural pest control. I value the ecosystem that is my garden and therefore only address pests when I feel they have reached a detrimental level. One of my preferred methods is the use of natural oils and extracts, such as neem and rosemary. The easiest way to apply these pest deterrents is by using a sprayer like the one shown above.

12 piece gardening tool set includes pruning shears and durable storage tote – Amazon

Tools – This tool set may look like something you would only gift a novice gardener but make no mistake it is a timeless set that a gardener of any skill level can put to good use. The weeding tool and the spray bottle are items I use regularly and the bag has allowed me to keep all my gardening whatnots in one place. I keep twine, epsom salts and envelopes for saving seeds in my bag at all times.

Customizable plant markers – SCMagnoliaCrafts (Etsy)

Accessories – The best part about having a garden is making it your own. Unique stepping stones, stone figurines (my grandmother loves frogs) flags, bird feeders, wind chimes; all good gift choices. I personally love the flattering and functional addition of custom plant markers. The set shown above is offered by a dear friend of mine, in her Etsy shop.


Galvanized planterhttps://pin.it/goz6img3rhauv2

Tomato cageshttps://pin.it/44gn7jtv3wvjrr



Tool sethttps://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MV48FXV/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_vHh5DbK6S00Z5

Bean towerhttps://m.gurneys.com/product/bean_tower?p=0515548&gclid=CjwKCAiA5o3vBRBUEiwA9PVzahOK-HaAOHzQwUnYWA4kuHKlb_TDdcjU4R_U0LsHWuwPdUlSBPgsFxoCDi0QAvD_BwE

Plant markershttps://www.etsy.com/listing/681689483/plant-markers-cake-topper

My gift wrapping assistant.

I hope this list proves helpful as you attempt to complete your holiday shopping. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to use the comments below or reach out via my contact page. Cheers, friends!

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