Food for Thought: Together we Blossom

More often than not I am a solo gardener. Make no mistake, I thoroughly enjoy sharing my love for gardening with others, but there is nothing that refuels my soul like wandering through my garden first thing in the morning, coffee in hand…alone. Just me and Mother Nature. No conversation, no one else’s energy, just me and the buzz of pollinators hard at work. Inner peace in it’s truest form.

It was during one of these moments this morning when Mother Nature very gently reminded me that, while alone time is important for personal balance one must remember that there is power in together.

Sunflowers were my flower of choice in my plot at the local community garden this year. I focus primarily on vegetables but always make a point of including some flowers to attract and support our native pollinators. Unfortunately, this year we are behind. May was extra cold so the sunflowers went in a bit later than usual and my first bloom is just now on the cusp of brilliance…so I’m still waiting… impatiently. I NEED flowers because I NEED pollinators. NOW.

As I stood staring at them in the quiet hours of the morning, something vibrant caught my eye. I looked over to a fellow gardener’s plot and she had the most beautiful pink zinnias in full bloom. At this I started to scan the area, observing other plots and drinking in the beauty of their blossoms. They were everywhere. I quickly saw that I was more or less standing in the middle of a flower garden, sprinkled with a few vegetables. Blues and yellows, pinks and whites; there were blossoms in every plot.

It was then that I realized I could garden in a way that felt very “alone” and yet I didn’t have to carry the burden of attracting pollinators to my plot single-handedly. There was power in our numbers. Each of us had chosen a single type of flower and together we had created a pollinator playground.

It was quite stunning; both the beauty of my surroundings and the many lessons that had abruptly presented themselves…

Even as individuals we are in this together.

The weight is lighter when we carry it together.

We can create a world full of beauty and prosperity if we work together.


Cheers, friends!

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