Quick Tips 08.03.2020

My husband always asks questions as we meander through the garden and I share little tips and tricks with him. He suggested that I start sharing some “Quick Tips” with all of you, so I am going to attempt to share short and sweet posts containing a single useful tidbit of information. Today it’s about tomatoes.

Many varieties of tomatoes are prone to splitting when they take up large amounts of water too quickly, especially after their soil has been dry. This is why experts often suggest that you keep the soil “evenly moist.” Though I do water my tomatoes regularly, we are expecting heavy rainfall for the next two days as hurricane Isaias migrates up the coast. As a precautionary measure I picked all of the tomatoes that had started to ripen on my Defiant tomato plants. They will continue to mature on my counter and I will have delicious garden fresh tomatoes without the risk of splitting, which often leads to rotting. If you have tomatoes that are starting to change color and you’re expecting excessive rainfall, I suggest you harvest them and let them finish ripening in the safety of your kitchen!

Cheers, friends!

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