Millennial Gardener Feature Month 2020 – Sonia

Hello all and welcome to our second feature of 2020! I am thrilled to introduce one of the strongest ladies I know. Being a soldier’s wife is not for the faint of heart and on top of all the challenges associated with the military lifestyle, this bombshell is the proud momma of three crazy boys! As if her fellas don’t keep her busy enough, she’s decided to try her hand at cultivating a small kitchen garden. Let’s see how her first green thumb experience is going thus far.

Name: Sonia Fitzgerald

State: New Jersey

Grow Zone: 7a

Gardening style (container, raised bed, tilled plot, etc.): containers on the back deck

How long have you been gardening: This is my first time. I was gifted two children’s veggie kits for my kids and I said, wth let’s try it.

Why do you garden: Well, I said sure anything to save a few bucks! And once I was invested it’s kinda cool to see the plants grow. Kind of an accomplishment “I did it” feel.

Do you typically garden alone or with friends/family/pets: the boys (3-5 y/o) helped plant the seeds, and they help water the pots with me every evening.

Biggest success of 2020 season: my cucumbers!

Most unfortunate failure of 2020 season: The zucchini. Those were not part of the kit. I bought them from a neighbor who was moving and needed to let go of her garden. She uprooted it for me, along with green peppers. The plant already had like 5 baby zuccs and flowers galore! That day I had some shopping to do and it was super hot! They were probably in the trunk for two hours. They were sad (wilting) after I took the out of the trunk, I quickly rehomed them and they were okay for a few weeks. But, then the zuccs shriveled up, flowers were falling off and the stem started to get “mushy” 😦 but the peppers are doing great! They were in the trunk for the same amount of time.

What is your most used gardening tool: Tomato cages, so my plants don’t flop over! Oh and my watering can.

Favorite plant that you’ve ever grown: Might have to be my cucumber!

What are you most looking forward to growing in the future: All the veggies! But, definitely zucchini. Fingers crossed for next year.

One last piece of advice for our readers: I honestly have none. I’m just here to get some advice and share my experience!

Many thanks to Sonia and her little helpers for taking the time to share their gardening journey with us. Uprooting an established garden is always a gamble but it seems Sonia has some beginners luck on her side. I can’t wait to see how well she does in the years to come. Cheers, friends!

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