Millennial Gardener Feature Month 2020 – Garrett

If you’ve been following along this year you’ll have read my post gloating about how my baby brother was (finally) giving gardening a try and how THRILLED I am about it. Like many first-time gardeners, he said he was going to start small and ended up with a full blown collection of herbs and vegetables. Let’s see how his first season is going, shall we?

Name: Garrett Strough

State: New York

Grow Zone: 4a

Gardening style (container, raised bed, tilled plot, etc.): Old school tilled plot

How long have you been gardening: This is my first year gardening.

Why do you garden: I thought I would pick it up mostly to keep myself busy, but also because I’m fat and love to crush food so I’m looking forward to the harvests.

Do you typically garden alone or with friends/family/pets: I’ve been growing this bad boy with dad this season but in the future, it will likely be by myself.

Biggest success of 2020 season: Biggest success this season I would have to say is getting my pepper plants to start from seed, and they have grown to be massive so that’s a win in my books.  I’ve got jalapenos, banana peppers, habaneros and cayennes.

Most unfortunate failure of 2020 season: The unfortunate failure is that my cantaloupe didn’t grow, the one thing I was looking forward to haha but there’s always next year.

What is your most used gardening tool: Definitely use my hands the most; as a shovel, hoe, you name it.  I’m most likely leaving the tools in the shed. haha

Favorite plant that you’ve ever grown: I would say since it was my biggest success for my first year the peppers would be my favorite plant so far.

What are you most looking forward to growing in the future: I think I would like to try to plant some Carolina Reaper peppers next season, because why not right!?

One last piece of advice for our readers: My piece of advice is definitely just have fun with it, should be a fun experience and help to blow off a little stress from the day.

I couldn’t agree more with his last piece of advice, gardening is very therapeutic and offers a much needed escape at the end of a long day. If you have any other questions for Garrett leave them in the comments section below. Cheers, friends!

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