Hello Friends!

I’m still here, the dust has settled and I’m ready to get my gardening back on track. I was a bit (a lot) neglectful this spring as we worked to move out of our townhouse and into our new home. After painting this whole house myself I am more than ready for some outdoor projects! And it’s a good thing because my gardens need some love. Here’s a brief update…

Cool weather veggies are making decent progress but unfortunately my spuds went in almost a full month behind schedule. That means they are just making an appearance, alongside my warm weather crops. What warm weather crops? Well, since you asked. I’ve got seven varieties of beans (3 snap and 4 shelling) as well as three types of squash (pattypan, sweet dumpling & acorn) and Homemade Pickles cucumbers. I have Listada de Gandia and Prosperosa eggplants in the ground, Sugar cube cantaloups and Janosik watermelons (yellow inside instead of typical pink flesh), five tomato cultivars and four different pepper varieties. I have haphazardly planted annual flowers all over the place, because…why not? Most of my herbs are in pots, which made it possible for me to relocate them with ease during our move.

Now that you’re up to speed, let’s talk seed saving. Already!? It’s only May!! I know, I know but some of you have very short growing seasons so you’ll need to get started early. I will be posting firsthand accounts of my seed saving experiences throughout the season to help guide you. In addition to seed saving inspo, I’ll be hosting the annual Feature event in August and sharing another round of garden inspired recipes. Desserts maybe?? We’ll also talk about preserving some goodies for your spice cabinet and a list of candidates for your tea garden. Before all that, keep an eye out for my next post about the conundrum that is our back yard and the transformation to come. Until then, if you have questions, comments or just want to share what you’ve got growing, feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear what varieties you’re most excited about this season. Cheer, friends!

PS – This beautiful view is only a half mile walk from our front door. How lucky are we!?

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