Feature Month: Sadie

I made the mistake of pulling these boys away from an intense ballgame to come take garden pictures with their mom. I think you can probably tell how they felt about the request. Haha! They crack me up. In addition to keeping these two crazy boys out of trouble, this pretty lady maintains some beautiful gardens. Fruits, veggies, herbs, flowers — she does it all. Let’s see how her season is going, shall we?

Name: Sadie Bird

State: Maryland

Grow Zone: 7a

Gardening style (container, raised bed, tilled plot, etc.): Backyard

How long have you been gardening: I have been really gardening for 5 or so years, but I have always loved to have my hands in the dirt since birth.

Why do you garden: I grew up with a garden when I was a kid. At that time, I didn’t do much but appreciate the delicious cucumbers and the beautiful flowers. My mother was always in the garden when I was a kid and now I know why. Now, when I garden it’s a time to step away from everything else going on in my life and simply relax. I enjoy getting dirty, seeing something grow for my family to eat for nourishment, and the most special part is seeing the kids get so excited about harvesting the fruits and vegetables.

Do you typically garden alone or with friends/family/pets: I typically garden alone, but I do enjoy having my two boys Skyler and Cooper and our dog daisy in the garden.

Biggest success of 2021 season: Red Raspberries, Kale, Strawberries, echinacea plant, butterfly bushes, bee balm plant and sage.

Most unfortunate failure (lesson) of 2021 season: The lesson I learned this year from my garden is provide to your plants with more space to grow than you think. My green pepper plant, potatoes and cucumbers did not do well. I’ll try again next year.

What is your most used gardening tool: My two hands, I don’t need anything special. My boys love to use their dump trucks and excavators in the garden to help me move soil around, it sure makes it pretty fun for all!

Favorite plant that you’ve ever grown: It’s a toss up between the hydrangeas and the red raspberries!!

What are you most looking forward to growing in the future: I would love to grow peonies, they are such a beautiful flower. I have never grown any type of beans, I would like to give them a try next year.

One last piece of advice for our readers: Have fun and if it doesn’t work you can always try again next year!

Sadie’s blooms attract so many butterflies to our yards that I often catch myself singing a Milkshake parody.

Her echinacea brings the butterflies to the yard and they’re like, it’s better than yours (because I don’t have any) damn right, it’s better than yours…

You guys get it. Anyway, I’m very excited to get planting alongside this rock star mama and turn our little neighborhood into a pollinator’s paradise. Sadie, thank you for inspiring me to think about more than just vegetables and for sharing your 2021 garden with our readers. Cheers, friends!

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