Feature Month: Closing Remarks

I’d like to kick off the final post of Feature Month by thanking all of the 2021 participants. August is easily my favorite month of the blog year because I thoroughly enjoy hearing from our guest gardeners. It’s such a treat! This year was easily our most diverse group; I hope that at least one of them shared an experience that resonated with you. The running theme this year seemed to be patience. Patience with your plants, Mother Nature, her critters and, most importantly, patience with yourself. Each year will prove challenging in different ways and some challenges are easier to mitigate and overcome than others. Don’t worry, it’s not a contest. Let those experiences leave you more informed for next season.

Before I leave you and head into a Fall full of root vegetables and cold-tolerant greens, I want to remind you that seed saving is an easy way to not only prepare for next season, but also to connect with other gardeners. Whether it’s just sharing seeds with close friends, family and neighbors, or engaging in local or even online seed swaps, saving and sharing seeds helps us to preserve genetic diversity and maintain a broad repertoire of cultivars. Last year, I shared a post entitled Together We Blossom and though this post was not about sharing seeds, seed sharing is indeed another way in which we gardeners enhance our vitality through collaboration. The best resource we have is each other.

Together we blossom. Thank you, Features.

Cheers, friends!

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