A Green Thumb’s Toolbox

I know social media gets a bad rap for a number of reasons, but since becoming a member of the Instagram gardening community I have found myself continuously learning new techniques and becoming aware of more resources and tools than ever before. Not only are there gardeners contributing varying levels of experience but there are cultivators in all different growing environments. There are rooftop container … Continue reading A Green Thumb’s Toolbox

Pollinators Rejoice: 10 Flowers For Your Vegetable Garden

On more than one occasion I have stressed the importance of attracting pollinators to your backyard garden. Not only do they facilitate the pollen exchange that is necessary for the development of a mature fruiting body (aka your fruits and veggies) but they are part of the big picture food chain that includes predatory organisms responsible for keeping pest populations in check. At this time … Continue reading Pollinators Rejoice: 10 Flowers For Your Vegetable Garden

In or Out?

A friend of mine recently reached out and asked for some gardening advice. She was unsure about which plants should be started inside and which should be directly sown into her raised bed. I provided her with some suggestions and thought you may find them helpful as well. Here goes… Beans – directly sow both bush and pole varieties after last frost. Beets – these … Continue reading In or Out?