Quick Tips 10.17.2020

It’s that time of year, leaves are falling and you’re raking up mass piles of…mulch. Yes, that’s right. Leaves serve as an excellent form of mulch for overwintering perennial herbs, flowers and vegetables. 3-4 inches of leaf litter layered over the base of plants helps maintain moisture levels, creates an insulation barrier by trapping air, and prevents soil erosion. As a bonus, keeping a layer … Continue reading Quick Tips 10.17.2020

Quick Tips 08.03.2020

My husband always asks questions as we meander through the garden and I share little tips and tricks with him. He suggested that I start sharing some “Quick Tips” with all of you, so I am going to attempt to share short and sweet posts containing a single useful tidbit of information. Today it’s about tomatoes. Many varieties of tomatoes are prone to splitting when … Continue reading Quick Tips 08.03.2020