Project FeederWatch 2020-2021

As many of you well know, I am an enthusiastic participant of the citizen science program known as Project FeederWatch. Led by the ornithology department at Cornell University, Project FeederWatch enlists the help of the general public to monitor bird populations across North America. Simply by recording the different species that visit your backyard feeders and the total number in attendance, you can help scientists … Continue reading Project FeederWatch 2020-2021

Food for Thought: Sunflowers Are For The Birds

Literally. I mean besides the obvious fact that birds eat sunflower seeds. Sunflowers are, in every way, for the birds. Sure, they’re beautiful eye candy that adds a pop of color to any yard or garden, and the insects LOVE them. Bees, hover flies, June bugs, Assassin bugs, beetles of all kinds; you name it. But, to our feathered friends sunflowers are so much more … Continue reading Food for Thought: Sunflowers Are For The Birds