Rosemary: Perseverance & Propagation

Let’s talk about Rosemary. I bought a plant about four years ago and put it in a big Terra Cotta pot. It spent the warm months out on the patio and overwintered in our spare bedroom…until last winter. Yes, I neglected my Rosemary plant. Not only had I let it become completely root bound but I left it outside through our two coldest months, subjecting … Continue reading Rosemary: Perseverance & Propagation

Potting Up Herbs

This morning I took some time to pot up a small Berggarten Sage plant that I had picked up from a local nursery. I thought it might be a good opportunity to go through the process of transplanting herbs from their tiny temporary containers into a bigger, more permanent location. No, that underscore is not accidental. It is very important that the container you’re transplanting … Continue reading Potting Up Herbs