Millennial Gardener Feature Month 2020 – Closing Remarks

I would like to extend many thanks to this year’s features. I always take great pleasure in reading about their gardening journeys. Whether it’s their first attempt or they’ve been gardening for decades, both perspectives are invaluable for others within the gardening community. This group in particular seemed to emanate the “just go for it” vibe and I love it! Each year, no matter how … Continue reading Millennial Gardener Feature Month 2020 – Closing Remarks

Food for Thought: Sunflowers Are For The Birds

Literally. I mean besides the obvious fact that birds eat sunflower seeds. Sunflowers are, in every way, for the birds. Sure, they’re beautiful eye candy that adds a pop of color to any yard or garden, and the insects LOVE them. Bees, hover flies, June bugs, Assassin bugs, beetles of all kinds; you name it. But, to our feathered friends sunflowers are so much more … Continue reading Food for Thought: Sunflowers Are For The Birds

Summer Garden Highlights 2020

About this time each year, I force myself to take pause and evaluate the status of my garden. I share whats growing, the things that have gone well, the epic failures and what I’ve learned thus far. This year has been no different; I’ve had some surprising successes and some frustrating failures but there are lessons hidden everywhere so let’s learn together. Shall we? Let’s … Continue reading Summer Garden Highlights 2020

Food for Thought: Together we Blossom

More often than not I am a solo gardener. Make no mistake, I thoroughly enjoy sharing my love for gardening with others, but there is nothing that refuels my soul like wandering through my garden first thing in the morning, coffee in hand…alone. Just me and Mother Nature. No conversation, no one else’s energy, just me and the buzz of pollinators hard at work. Inner … Continue reading Food for Thought: Together we Blossom

Whats Growing – Spring 2020

It has been a long cold spring here in the Mid-Atlantic, both literally and metaphorically (thanks to SARS-CoV-2), and my garden is off to a slow start. That being said, I thought now may be a good time to check in and tell you what I have growing, how long they’ve been growing and what kind of progress they’ve made. Let’s start with with warm … Continue reading Whats Growing – Spring 2020

Pollinators Rejoice: 10 Flowers For Your Vegetable Garden

On more than one occasion I have stressed the importance of attracting pollinators to your backyard garden. Not only do they facilitate the pollen exchange that is necessary for the development of a mature fruiting body (aka your fruits and veggies) but they are part of the big picture food chain that includes predatory organisms responsible for keeping pest populations in check. At this time … Continue reading Pollinators Rejoice: 10 Flowers For Your Vegetable Garden

Spring Has Sprung 2020

Here in zone 7A, signs of spring are popping up all around us. Many varieties of trees and shrubs are heavily budded and early flowers such as Daffodils and Tulips are breaching the soil surface in vibrant green clusters, on nearly every lawn. Song birds can be heard attempting to lure in a mate and many can be witnessed collecting materials for nest building. It’s … Continue reading Spring Has Sprung 2020