Millennial Gardener Feature Month – Andrew

Are you a part of the rat race that is corporate America? (or any other part of the world for that matter) Do you find yourself struggling to make time for anything other than work? Stressed? Overwhelmed? Need a break? Maybe it’s time for you to take a page out of Andrew’s book and give gardening a try. Multiple studies have revealed the therapeutic benefits … Continue reading Millennial Gardener Feature Month – Andrew

What does “thinning” entail?

Let’s talk about thinning. My more experienced gardeners are most likely very familiar with the thinning concept but for anyone who is trying their hand at gardening for the first time there is a good chance that you have read a seed packet that said, “thin to 3-5 inches” and thought…wait, what? Have no fear, dear friends, the gardening community is here to help! There … Continue reading What does “thinning” entail?

Why should I grow potatoes and where do I start?

Poutine. Still need more convincing? Okay, okay…salt potatoes, french fries, home fries, mashed, baked, oven roasted, tots, hush puppies, the list of deliciousness goes on and on. Not to mention potatoes are low in fat and rich in potassium, magnesium, vitamins C and B6, iron and dietary fiber. Yes, please! I’ve also found that I save a significant chunk of change by planting my own. … Continue reading Why should I grow potatoes and where do I start?

When do I plant these?

They’re here!!! Your seeds have arrived, you’ve purchased some potting soil and you’re ready to get started. You may have noticed that some of your seed packets suggest sowing directly (outdoors) and either they indicate a minimum temperature requirement or they state that you should wait until after the last frost. Other seeds require starting indoors. I typically separate my seeds into two groups, start … Continue reading When do I plant these?

What does it all mean?

At this point you have decided on a gardening style that suits your desires and meets your lifestyle requirements. You’ve prepared a gardening environment, be it pots, raised beds or a nicely tilled plot, and you’re ready for the exciting part — buying SEEDS!! (the clouds part, crepuscular rays shine down and angelic singing can be heard) I get it, you’re excited!! Hold your horses, … Continue reading What does it all mean?

Why start a blog?

Numerous reasons…For many young professionals the idea of starting a garden may seem daunting. Ever spent hours googling immaculate gardens only to find yourself feeling overwhelmed? Did you think, “I don’t have time for that” or possibly “that must be so expensive” or even the tried and true “maybe when I retire”?? You’re not alone. As a young professional who spends her time fighting the … Continue reading Why start a blog?