A Green Thumb’s Toolbox

I know social media gets a bad rap for a number of reasons, but since becoming a member of the Instagram gardening community I have found myself continuously learning new techniques and becoming aware of more resources and tools than ever before. Not only are there gardeners contributing varying levels of experience but there are cultivators in all different growing environments. There are rooftop container … Continue reading A Green Thumb’s Toolbox

Red & Blue Grow Lights: 5 Tips to Get You Started

I have had several inquiries recently about my use of grow lights for starting seeds inside, so I thought I would share my advice here for all of you to reference as well. There are several benefits to starting seeds inside in early spring. Not only does it extend the length of your growing season by 2-3 months, but it also gives you more control … Continue reading Red & Blue Grow Lights: 5 Tips to Get You Started

Garden Planning: The Method To My Madness

It’s that time of year. Seed catalogs are arriving weekly, if not daily, and you’re getting the itch to start seed shopping. Wait a hot second! Before you start filling your cart it may be helpful to do some planning. Spacing is very important for a fruitful garden and you don’t want to buy significantly more seeds than you have the soil for. I’ll take … Continue reading Garden Planning: The Method To My Madness