Millennial Gardener Feature Month 2020 – Intro

Hello and happy August!! For any new readers, this is the month where I feature a handful of millennial gardeners in hopes that their combined experiences can help each of you with your own gardening journey. They are provided with a questionnaire and asked to submit their responses as well as some photos of their garden(s). I then piece together their post and let their … Continue reading Millennial Gardener Feature Month 2020 – Intro

Summer Garden Highlights 2020

About this time each year, I force myself to take pause and evaluate the status of my garden. I share whats growing, the things that have gone well, the epic failures and what I’ve learned thus far. This year has been no different; I’ve had some surprising successes and some frustrating failures but there are lessons hidden everywhere so let’s learn together. Shall we? Let’s … Continue reading Summer Garden Highlights 2020

Why plant flowers with your veggies?

My husband is not a gardener. He provides assistance when asked and has certain vegetables that he requests be included but otherwise the garden is my thing. That being said, he’s a good man who pretends to be interested as I ramble on about my plants’ progress whilst walking him by the hand through my garden to look at improvements that I am certain he … Continue reading Why plant flowers with your veggies?

Magnesium & Phosphorous: A Colorful Conundrum

For the first time ever, this year, I have experienced two significant nutrient deficiencies. I mean, chromogenic transformation worthy nutrient deficiencies. I promised when I started this blog that I would share it all; the good, the bad and the buggy. That being said, here is my honest experience with magnesium and phosphorous. Magnesium: Magnesium is a mobile molecule that plants can pull from mature … Continue reading Magnesium & Phosphorous: A Colorful Conundrum

Rosemary: Perseverance & Propagation

Let’s talk about Rosemary. I bought a plant about four years ago and put it in a big Terra Cotta pot. It spent the warm months out on the patio and overwintered in our spare bedroom…until last winter. Yes, I neglected my Rosemary plant. Not only had I let it become completely root bound but I left it outside through our two coldest months, subjecting … Continue reading Rosemary: Perseverance & Propagation

Transitioning from Greenhouse to Garden

Warmer weather has started to settle in here in the Mid-Atlantic and many of my vegetables and flowers that were sewn inside will need time to acclimate to the elements before being transplanted into the garden. This process is typically referred to as “hardening” and I will admit, I struggle with it. This year has been my most successful to date, so I thought I’d … Continue reading Transitioning from Greenhouse to Garden

What do I need to know about beans?

Beans of all kinds are a classic gardening favorite. Green beans, soy beans, snake beans, broad beans, French, string, kidney, garbanzo, pinto, navy, lima…the list goes on and on. It’s no wonder they make their way into gardens all over the globe. They’re a great source of protein and dietary fiber as well as a laundry list of other nutrients including but not limited to: … Continue reading What do I need to know about beans?

What does “thinning” entail?

Let’s talk about thinning. My more experienced gardeners are most likely very familiar with the thinning concept but for anyone who is trying their hand at gardening for the first time there is a good chance that you have read a seed packet that said, “thin to 3-5 inches” and thought…wait, what? Have no fear, dear friends, the gardening community is here to help! There … Continue reading What does “thinning” entail?