Freeze Your Crops For Post-Garden Goodness

If you have attempted to preserve your favorite garden goodies then you know there are some that keep well and some that do not. Root vegetables and winter squash notoriously have a lengthy shelf life (for produce), but for some crops a cool dry storage area just isn’t enough. Fortunately, in 1940 the United States was introduced to home freezer units. I know what you’re … Continue reading Freeze Your Crops For Post-Garden Goodness

When do I plant these?

They’re here!!! Your seeds have arrived, you’ve purchased some potting soil and you’re ready to get started. You may have noticed that some of your seed packets suggest sowing directly (outdoors) and either they indicate a minimum temperature requirement or they state that you should wait until after the last frost. Other seeds require starting indoors. I typically separate my seeds into two groups, start … Continue reading When do I plant these?