Saving Cucumber Seeds

We’ve survived the dog days of summer, and as autumn creeps in our plants start to look exhausted. Growth slows, the leaves may take on a yellow tinge or start to curl under, and productivity drops; the season’s end is approaching. Now is a good time to start weighing your options for seed saving. Do you have any heirloom or open-pollinated varieties growing in your … Continue reading Saving Cucumber Seeds

Millennial Gardener Feature Month 2020 – Tara

Another glorious Tuesday, another fabulous feature! This radiant soul not only cultivated a thriving kitchen garden but she repurposed an old fence to build her own beautiful raised bed. Tara’s can-do attitude set her up for a successful first year of gardening here in the Mid-Atlantic; let’s see what she has growing! Name: Tara Jensen State: Maryland Grow Zone: 7a Gardening style (container, raised bed, … Continue reading Millennial Gardener Feature Month 2020 – Tara

Food for Thought: Together we Blossom

More often than not I am a solo gardener. Make no mistake, I thoroughly enjoy sharing my love for gardening with others, but there is nothing that refuels my soul like wandering through my garden first thing in the morning, coffee in hand…alone. Just me and Mother Nature. No conversation, no one else’s energy, just me and the buzz of pollinators hard at work. Inner … Continue reading Food for Thought: Together we Blossom

A Green Thumb’s Toolbox

I know social media gets a bad rap for a number of reasons, but since becoming a member of the Instagram gardening community I have found myself continuously learning new techniques and becoming aware of more resources and tools than ever before. Not only are there gardeners contributing varying levels of experience but there are cultivators in all different growing environments. There are rooftop container … Continue reading A Green Thumb’s Toolbox

Freeze Your Crops For Post-Garden Goodness

If you have attempted to preserve your favorite garden goodies then you know there are some that keep well and some that do not. Root vegetables and winter squash notoriously have a lengthy shelf life (for produce), but for some crops a cool dry storage area just isn’t enough. Fortunately, in 1940 the United States was introduced to home freezer units. I know what you’re … Continue reading Freeze Your Crops For Post-Garden Goodness