Seedling Experiment Conclusions – Tomatoes

Two weeks ago I started a seedling experiment in response to a question posed by a fellow gardener. I had guided her through the seed starting process and the topic of potting up was presented. She had inquired as to whether this step was necessary and I responded that it would help her plants grow bigger and stronger much faster. To test this theory, I … Continue reading Seedling Experiment Conclusions – Tomatoes

Millennial Gardener Feature Month – Dana

I am very happy to introduce you all to a dear friend of mine and the first guest gardener of 2019. This year is her first attempt at a small container garden and she is off to a great start. As someone who loves to make delicious meals in the kitchen, it seemed only logical that I encourage her to grow her own fresh veggies. … Continue reading Millennial Gardener Feature Month – Dana

A Tomato Crash Course for Beginners

I think it is safe to say that tomatoes are one of the most common features in gardens across the globe. In fact, there are people who designate their entire garden and gardening career to mastering the art and science of growing exquisite varieties of this household staple. I am going to provide a basic guide for the novice gardener but I encourage any of … Continue reading A Tomato Crash Course for Beginners