Millennial Gardener Feature Month 2020 – The Harveys

Many years ago I had the privilege of being this amazing couple’s waitress on their very first date. They’ve come a long way since then; thriving careers, marriage, a beautiful home, two adorable children and, of course, fabulous gardens! Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce to you our first features and two of my favorite millennial gardeners, Megan and Ben. Name: Megan … Continue reading Millennial Gardener Feature Month 2020 – The Harveys

Millennial Gardener Feature Month 2020 – Intro

Hello and happy August!! For any new readers, this is the month where I feature a handful of millennial gardeners in hopes that their combined experiences can help each of you with your own gardening journey. They are provided with a questionnaire and asked to submit their responses as well as some photos of their garden(s). I then piece together their post and let their … Continue reading Millennial Gardener Feature Month 2020 – Intro

Summer Garden Highlights 2020

About this time each year, I force myself to take pause and evaluate the status of my garden. I share whats growing, the things that have gone well, the epic failures and what I’ve learned thus far. This year has been no different; I’ve had some surprising successes and some frustrating failures but there are lessons hidden everywhere so let’s learn together. Shall we? Let’s … Continue reading Summer Garden Highlights 2020

Food for Thought: Onions

I’ve decided to start a “Food for Thought” series. I often times have thoughts while gardening that aren’t necessarily informative, no intended growing instructions or pest control tips; just thoughts. I had previously decided that they were not post worthy but today I stood in my plot chastising myself about something and thought…maybe I should share this. The self-lecturing was based on my perception of … Continue reading Food for Thought: Onions

Whats Growing – Spring 2020

It has been a long cold spring here in the Mid-Atlantic, both literally and metaphorically (thanks to SARS-CoV-2), and my garden is off to a slow start. That being said, I thought now may be a good time to check in and tell you what I have growing, how long they’ve been growing and what kind of progress they’ve made. Let’s start with with warm … Continue reading Whats Growing – Spring 2020